What My Students Say

I have been exceptionally pleased with every aspect of my experience with Owain as an English teacher. He is encouraging and knowledgeable. He is also extremely proactive, efficient and flexible with scheduling.

The classes are also very effective through Zoom and are complemented by follow-up materials, focusing on all skill areas (speaking, listening, reading, writing) as well as grammar and vocabulary, so I have been developing across the board.

I have had several English teachers, but only the English language that I have learnt with Owain has been effective for improving my professional role.

I recommend Owain for people who need motivation and structure in order to maximise their learning. His services are exceptionally helpful!

Dr Sonia Vidal, Research and Innovation Department of the “la Caixa” Foundation, Spain

I have been studying English with Owain for one and a half years now and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a native speaking English teacher. He is highly organised and always prepared for the lesson. As his student, I always have lesson materials that are tailored for my particular needs and not just some printouts from a random textbook.

Owain is a well-educated and very intelligent person with whom I can discuss everything – from cooking and recent TV series to science and culture. He has perfect British pronunciation, with practically no signs of any regional accent. You can easily understand him even if your level is not even close to advanced.

In addition to all that, he has a background of living abroad where he completely integrated into a foreign culture so he perfectly understands the struggles that have people who study English as a second language and learn British culture.

Lydia, Legal Counsel, Ireland

Owain is a great teacher! He is creative and works not only with general language but helps you focus on spеcific topics.

Every time, I was excited about the lesson – it was interesting to find out what we would do!

Tanja, Beauty Coach in Vienna, Austria (Find her on Instagram)

First of all, it is a great opportunity to study from a native English speaker who truly knows how to speak naturally, fluently, and at the same time not to sound old-fashioned. Indeed, classical books may tend to the usage of really outdated vocabulary and structure. Here the problems are successfully solved. On top of that, Owain is a British speaker, so you are able to get used to his British accent and learn it in practice.

Whenever you say something, he is carefully listening to you and simultaneously noting any issues which you could make. It doesn’t matter what they are: pronunciation problems, wrong order in the sentence, or missed vital pauses. The more you speak, the more you and Owain understand your problems. But, the teacher is thinking about success and tries to lead you on the right path (in accordance with your individual issues). Every lesson, you will repeat things you don’t know or have forgotten in examples. It  is really useful owing to the fact that our brain needs constant reminders.

Owain helped me with fixing my bachelor thesis. The topic was completely different from what he is used to, but he found a number of common grammar mistakes and also suggested the options to them. By the way, all this he did during non-working hours because of which I am very grateful to him.

Artemi, Scientist, Austria

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