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Needs-Based English and Spanish

“Owain has a background of living abroad where he completely integrated into a foreign culture so he perfectly understands the struggles of people who study English as a second language and learn about British culture.”

Lydia, Legal Counsel, Ireland


  • Needs-based training for individuals and groups, both face to face and online
  • Online via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts (or in-house company tool)
  • Learner objectives are specific to you and can change with your needs


  • Strong emphasis on speaking practice (real language use, chunk learning/output, pronunciation – word/sentence stress, intonation, etc)
  • Focus on intelligible communication and raising awareness of the impact of all areas of the target language: Grammar, Lexis, Phonology, Discourse


  • Shared notes in Google Drive with supplementary resources uploaded based on learner needs
  • Application and discussion of key learning strategies from the Science of Learning, such as Retrieval Practice and Spaced Learning
  • Flexibility in terms of timetabling where possible

Owain is a great teacher! He is creative and works not only with general language but helps you focus on spеcific topics.


Needs-Based Language Training is personalised, useful and supported.

I work with professionals from any sector, whether it is Business, Science or Education.

I offer free consultation to companies or individuals so we can discuss your needs before committing to a training course. (For details of available ‘packs’, e.g. Pack50 = 50 hours of training, please click on ‘Free Consultation’ below and get in touch.)

For testimonials, see What My Students Say.

What do you need?

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